30 Of The Funniest Parenting Tweets This November

It’s that wonderful time of the month when Bored Panda presents the very best, the funniest, and most out-there parenting posts shared on Twitter. Put your giggle-hats on, grab a big pack of popcorn, and get comfy—you’re about to have a heck of a time that will make waiting for the weekend much, much easier. And if you’re a parent, some of these situations might sound a bit too relatable.

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Bored Panda talked about parenting, staying positive in the face of dastardly challenges and everyday adversity, and how trying to be a ‘perfect’ parent can actually do more harm than good with parenting expert and author of ‘The Work/Parent Switch,’ Anita Cleare.

“Trying to be a perfect parent is bad for children and bad for parents because it sets everybody up to fail. Research shows that ‘good enough’ parenting is best for children,” Cleare told Bored Panda. Read on for the full interview!


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The founder and director of the Positive Parenting Project, Cleare, told us what exactly ‘Good enough’ parenting means and how it directly relates to increasing kids’ independence.

It’s all about “getting it right most of the time but also failing your children in ways they can handle—so that they gradually increase their independence.” Cleare said, “Great parents make mistakes but they try to learn from them (and not to repeat them too often!).”


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Juggling work and family life can be exhausting, especially for new parents who are running ragged trying to get everything done without any breaks. And sometimes, it can feel like the walls are closing in on you and nothing can go right.

Cleare stressed that it’s vital for parents to look after themselves. Especially in moments like those.

“Putting yourself last is not good for you or for your kids. Even when you are really busy, try to find regular 5-20 minute breaks in your day when you can relax, practice some mindfulness, or do something joyful,” she told Bored Panda.


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Cleare pointed out that parents can maintain a positive mindset by ending each and every day by being grateful. She suggested that they identify and think about 3 things that they’re glad to have in their lives. “Looking for the positives really does increase positivity.”

And having more positivity in life can make you more likely to tweet about the hilarious (and sometimes messy) things that happen in your family life, like the parents in this post.


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