30 Pictures That Show How Unfathomably Cold It Is In Russia Right Now

An American journalist in Russia, Alec Luhn, shared a photo of noodles and an egg to show how cold some parts of the country get in winter.

Taken in Novosibirsk, a city in the southwestern part of Siberia, the picture shows noodles and a cracked egg seemingly frozen in mid-air after the temperature dipped to -40 degrees in the region just a few days ago.

Pretty soon, people all over the country started posting brutal and beautiful photos too. From frosty forests to guys enjoying ice cream in shorts, here are some that have caught Bored Panda’s attention!


Image credits: ASLuhn

Yuliya Shipitsina, a woman from Novosibirsk who captured gorgeous frost on a window, also acknowledged that the weather leading up to New Year didn’t bless the region with warmth. However, she told Bored Panda that the locals are used to it and aren’t intimidated by it. “In cold weather, it is better to dress like a cabbage so that there are several layers of clothing. It will help to keep warm. But sometimes [you don’t need anything at all]—if you go to a Russian sauna, the best option is the nearest snowdrift.”


Image credits: photography_uli

SUP Novosibirsk, a company that organizes stand-up paddleboard trips in the area, also shared a picture from the cold. In it, Santa can be seen surfing through the river. “Our winters are very cold, and in the last few days the temperature dropped to -42° C, which is rare even here,” a company spokesperson told Bored Panda. “In such [conditions], it is dangerous to even inhale air with your lungs; you need to use special waterproof wetsuits and warm EVA boots. Of course, it’s still very cold, but after 5 minutes of active rowing, it gets hot.”


Image credits: yapylenok

Most of Russia has a continental climate, with long, cold winters and brief summers. However, since the country is so huge, there is a wide range of summer and winter temperatures. January temperatures are in the range of 6°C (45 °F) on the southeastern shore of the Black Sea, but things up north can get pretty crazy. For example, in 1974, the record low temperature of -71°C (-96 °F) was recorded at the northeast Siberian village of Oymyakon, the lowest temperature in an inhabited region ever. In many areas of Siberia, the soil never thaws for more than a foot.


“This is Siberia, baby!”

Image credits: dima_darkstepoff


Lake Baikal, Siberia , Russia

Image credits: reddit.com


Image credits: viktori188


Image credits: ilnar_photo


“When you try hanging your clothes to dry at -40C”

Image credits: supernews_nsk


“Terrifyingly beautiful -37C”

Image credits: kotkto


Image credits: MadeleineLewi17


Image credits: Katrinafrozen


Image credits: typical_novosibirsk


Image credits: kuda_poyti_novosibirsk


Image credits: tut_nsk


Image credits: severeweatherturkey


Image credits: orzhik


“Finally, my favorite frosts came to Siberia. Just right after heavy snowfall. This is the kind of winter I love, though you can’t walk for a long time. The city is empty, although the New Year is on the nose. Probably because not every car will start in this cold.

During these two days a dense frosty fog lay over the city. The temperature dropped to -42 degrees. See how it looks from above.”

Image credits: makhorov


Image credits: sup_novosibirsk


“Walking the dog in -43C weather, such a pleasure”

Image credits: vakidaichinatsu


-42 °C at Novosibirsk

Image credits: makhorov


Image credits: johnmhurley


Image credits: kommersant_siberia


Members of a training club after cold-water dip in Lenin Square, in Novosibirsk

Image credits: pow.photos


Image credits: kuhmark


Image credits: climateglobe


Image credits: territoria_siberia54


Image credits: osservatorioraffaelli


Image credits: a_oshepkov


-42 °C at Novosibirsk

Image credits: makhorov


-42 °C at Novosibirsk

Image credits: novosibirsk_in_picture



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