30 Times People Invested And Built Themselves A Totally Cool Home Movie Theater

There’s nothing better in this hard, chaotic world than gifting yourself a movie night. Whether it’s binge-watching your favorite sit-com, or seeing the new movie everyone’s talking about, nobody can take the magic away from it. Your good old couch is surely a big part of this, and out of respect, we should call the lonely, shabby sofas out there our precious “domestic movie theaters.”

In reality, though, we’d give anything to own a built-in movie theater with the proper screen, dim lighting, the smell of popcorn, and cinematic decor. Bored Panda has compiled this list full of the most jaw-dropping movie theaters that put Cinemark theaters to shame.

So sit down, relax, and enjoy your popcorn. No movies will be shown at this session, but who needs them if you have your very own picture palace? Would that make you a king? Well, kinda.



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Just by looking at these incredible home theaters, one can suspect there’s a real cinephile home owner behind it. For example, this amazing Batcave cinema (in the picture above) was built for a reclusive client in in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The company behind the creation is “Elite HTS,” an internationally recognized manufacturer of ultra-luxury home theater seating. According to the company’s website, this Batcave Home Theater is their most popular concept, garnering media attention on countless blogs and pins. It set the owner back $2 million.

The theater is equipped with six life-sized replica Batsuits and full security control. Elite HTS’s CEO, Bobby Bala, explained that this is still primarily a design concept the team did free of charge for their previous clients.

“While we definitely would love to actually take part in building a batcave home theater like this someday, it will remain a dream of ours until we find a reclusive billionaire with a deep-set fear of blind, flying mammals to make it a reality.”


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