30 Times People Struggled To Use The Correct Words And It Resulted In These Hilarious Mishaps (New Pics)

A malapropism is the mistaken use of an incorrect word in place of a similar-sounding word, resulting in a nonsensical sometimes humorous utterance. And there’s even a subreddit collecting pictures of its appearances in our everyday conversations.

It’s called Bone Apple Tea, and it has become even more popular since the last time we wrote about it. With 964k members, it continues collecting some of the funniest malapropisms on the Internet so without further I do, continue scrolling and check them out!

#1 Do You Lemonade?…

Image credits: clientsfromhell

One of the moderators of the subreddit told Bored Panda that a lot of things can affect whether a particular post gets a lot of upvotes on r/BoneAppleTea or not, including the time of day it goes live. “It’s anyone’s guess, really. Two items can be posted six hours apart and the first gets ignored whilst the second one gets 14,000 upvotes. Things the mods think are pure gold can get very few upvotes, while something we think is repetitive and tired gets thousands. Who knows?” they said.

#2 Send Newts

Image credits: Starflight2104

A few comments here and there suggest some of these malapropisms are the results of auto-correct but it’s something the moderators pay a lot of attention to. “Yes, some auto-correct posts slip through the moderation process [but] we try to catch them and remove them,” they said. “Sometimes we miss them — it’s a high-traffic subreddit. We are also trying to stay on the side of caution and allow things through if we’re unsure [about something].”

#3 Chupacabras Seem So Nice

Image credits: Notethan9

In an earlier Bored Panda interview, the subreddit’s creator TheNekkedNinja said they never thought it would ever become this big: “I have no modding experience so I’m incredibly thankful for the mods that came on board and turned it into what it has become today.”

“As far as the name goes, I always liked the original bone apple tea meme so when I saw that the name was free [on Reddit], r/BoneAppleTea was [immediately] born,” TheNekkedNinja explained.

#4 Autistic Guitar

Image credits: whoaisthatatesla

#5 Vanilla Abstract

Image credits: Malaluan31

#6 Bear Skin

Image credits: Squixo

#7 Guys, I Found The Source

Image credits: deficit_41

#8 Anime

Image credits: lazyshadowking

#9 Orthodontist Opponent

Image credits: SirCubsalot

#10 Shrimps Camping

Image credits: Fartburst

#11 My Little Sister Asked Me To Buy “Scottish Cheese” From The Supermarket

Image credits: TheCoolRainbow

#12 Seizure Salad

Image credits: Thumbs0fDestiny

#13 Car Tack Arrest

Image credits: mrbros35

#14 Don’t Sell My Nana Please

Image credits: AfrifaAfro

#15 Criminalized Onions

Image credits: DuckMeister12

#16 There Is Just No Winning. I Accept The Feet.

Image credits: Xephia

#17 Please Pay For Gas Recipe Inside

Image credits: IcyBrradford

#18 Mock My Words…

Image credits: ito_

#19 Tudor For Maths

Image credits: Falopian

#20 Mid Evil Dagger

Image credits: geringed

#21 One Roman Coke Please…

Image credits: SeiriusPolaris

#22 Why Are You So Ego Testicle

Image credits: ACT_CommandX

#23 Cannibals

Image credits: IAmPeanutMaster

#24 Paper View

Image credits: wwtt1210

#25 Apple Tight

Image credits: gennie_talls

#26 Mushroom Car Banana

Image credits: Lunatixtheguide

#27 Cease And Dentist

Image credits: tevsm

#28 Pair Of Dice

Image credits: shadynasty94

#29 Have A Proper Gander At This One

Image credits: poppalopp

#30 Case Idea

Image credits: Sickkiientt



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