47 Completely Unrelated Movies Described In One Sentence That Perfectly Fits Them Both

What do the ’90s comedy-drama Mrs. Doubtfire and Star Wars: Episode V have in common? You guessed it, nothing. What about Home Alone and Saw? Right again. There’s not a single thing alike. Or is there?…

In fact, someone on r/AskReddit decided to find out and throw a mind-bending challenge. The Redditor u/bopoqod posed the question “Which two unrelated movies can be summed up with the same sentence?” and people got seriously creative.

Get that cinephile muscle ready to be pumped up, ‘cause we are now about to look at some of the funniest and most spot-on answers.

#1 Main Character Turns Blue In The End

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#2 An Unexpected Pregnancy Leads To A Complicated Situation

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#3 A Bunch Of Dinosaurs Kill A Lot Of People

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The last time you browsed what was on at your local cinema, you scrolled through the sea of movies only to stop at the one with the catchiest description. Also known as a synopsis, it is designed to summarize the key elements of a script into a short, succinct read. It’s always short and catchy to keep the readers interested, but also detailed enough to give all the info one needs.

However, the first thing that really gets our initial attention is a logline, a burst of info compressed into one sentence that perfectly captures the essence of the whole movie. Much like slogans in advertising, the logline is somewhat of an art form in itself.

#4 They Put That Thing Back Where It Came From

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#5 It’s Dad All Along

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#6 Icy Dead People

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Back in the early days of Hollywood, loglines were used so producers could read a short explanation of a script (most often printed on the spine of the screenplay), allowing them to skip over uninteresting screenplays without even pulling them out from the shelf.

These days, loglines are no longer printed on the screenplays, but they still serve the exact same purpose: to efficiently represent the story in one sentence. And if you’ve ever tried to explain an entire film to someone in one sentence, you’ve surely realized it’s more challenging than one would think.

#7 Enjoys Making Traps To Punish Bad People

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#8 Stole A Loaf Of Bread, Went To Jail, Given Riches By Someone, Gained Political Office, Took Part In Rebellion Against The Government, Has Longstanding Feud With Government Official, Ultimately Influences His Enemy To Defeat Himself. With Singing!

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#9 Two Guys Go Up A Mountain And Rings Get Destroyed

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According to IndieWire, the screenwriting guru Blake Snyder has often referred to the logline as the DNA of your film. Thus, the perfectly constructed logline should resonate in every scene of the film.

So, let’s take a look at some of the top box office loglines. “A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers” speaks of The Matrix.

The logline of Pulp Fiction reads as follows: “The lives of two mob hit men, a boxer, a gangster’s wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption.”

Meanwhile, The Godfather is described by this one sentence: “The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son.”

#10 A Child Is Taken Away, And A Parent Will Go To Great Lengths To Rescue Them

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#11 Tom Hank’s Flight Doesn’t Go Well

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#12 A Clown Comes To Town. No One Laughs

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#13 The Protagonist Discovers He/She Has Been Living In A Fantasy World Where All His/Her Actions Are Controlled, And Has To Learn To Fight The Forces Of Evil Using Innate Skills That Look Like Magic To Those Observing

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#14 Resourceful Guy Left Alone On Christmas Eve Beats The Criminals

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#15 A Bitter Old Man Loses His Wife, Befriends His Young Asian Neighbour Who Helps Him Overcome His Bitterness And Cyncism

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#16 A Cowboy Must Deal With An Unwelcome Alien

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#17 The Protagonist Has To Deal With His/Her Alternate Personality

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#18 Lisa Is Tearing Them Apart

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#19 Brave Adventurers Stop The Rock From Ruining Everything

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#20 We Have To Put Aside Our Differences And Stick Together

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#21 Edward Norton Fights His Alter Ego From Taking Him Over

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#22 A Settler From A Foreign World Joins A Group Of Natives To Learn More About A Valuable Resource. The Stranger Falls In Love With A Native, And Ends Up Protecting The Natives From The Settlers

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#23 Jim Carrey Really Hates Bats

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#24 Everybody’s Looking For This One Fish, Then They Find It

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#25 2 Guys , A Briefcase, Lost Love, Intrigue And Violence

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#26 A Guy In A Mask vs. A Group Of Teenagers

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#27 A Bunny Sends The Protagonist On An Adventure On The Basis Of Running Out Of Time

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#28 Toys Have Feelings Too!

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#29 They’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

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#30 Crazy Manipulative Lady Pretends To Be A Girls Mother, Essentially Keeps Her Hostage And Eventually Tries To Kill Her ‘Daughter’ When She Tries To Escape

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#31 Undercover Agent Gets Too Close To Target And Suffers Identity Crisis

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#32 The Protagonist, Spurred By Natural Curiosity And An Unexpected Love Interest, Finds Himself On A Dangerous Unauthorized Mission

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#33 A Peasant Rises To Greatness After The Death Of His Master

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#34 A Successful Businessman Dies Unexpectedly Of A Heart Attack, Leaving His Unprepared Son To Run An Empire

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#35 One Ordinary Man Meets A Wise Sage Who Shows Him The Truth

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#36 A Vietnam Vet Toes The Line Of Sanity In The Pursuit Of Justice

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#37 Superheroes Are Forced Into Retirement, Then They Start Getting Killed Off

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#38 A Disgraced Professional Guard Proves Himself Worthy After He Becomes The Only One Who Can Save A Group Of Hostages

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#39 A Love Story Between Two Siblings, And The Discovering Of Unknown Powers

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#40 Two Guys Get High And Save The Day

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#41 Americans Are Good At Beating Europeans

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#42 Man Dresses Up As A Scot In A Dress To Take Back What’s His

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#43 Computer Hurts Human

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#44 Teenage Girl In A Futuristic Dystopian Society Leaves Her Family And Is Forced To Stand Up Fight For Her Life

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#45 Javier Bardem Is A Creepy Villian With A Stupid Haircut

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#46 People Go On A Quest For The Ultimate Pick

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#47 Horses Run Wild

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