48 Times People Spotted Shady Business In These Trashy Restaurants And Shared It Online

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the world with eat out-only options on the pandemic menu hasn’t been the same. And there’s nothing quite like surviving the lockdown and treating yourself with a nice dinner at a local restaurant. But on some unfortunate occasions, this idyllic scenario turns sour.

And sometimes it’s not even your fault. You see, when you spot the tail of a big, nasty rat that’s been running errands in a restaurant kitchen, you can expect the soup won’t go down smoothly. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg and things are sometimes even more sinister.

So welcome to hell’s kitchens, the places where Gordon Ramsay would get a heart attack, and where your nightmare material is made. Be sure to scroll on an empty stomach, and check twice before choosing your next eatery.

#1 Only In America Would A Restaurant Display On The Wall That They Don’t Pay Their Staff Enough To Live On

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#2 A Restaurant Known For Their Wings In Ne Philadelphia. Pretty Gross….

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Health and safety should be an integral part of a restaurant’s operation for multiple reasons. First, it’s the moral and ethical responsibility to protect employees and customers from injury and illness. Second is the regulatory requirements that entail both local food safety regulations and USDA, OSHA, and EPA requirements.

That means that if you’re seeing a rat in the restaurant’s kitchen, it’s way beyond what should be acceptable and you may as well leave the place immediately.

Aside from customers’ and employees’ safety, food safety should be the top priority. One of the biggest concerns in any eatery is cross-contamination, which occurs when harmful germs get spread between food, onto surfaces, and equipment.

#3 I Saw This On A Restaurant Door. After I Ate There

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#4 Found Inside My Taco Bell Meal. I Feel Sick

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Centers For Disease Control and Prevention suggests a couple of helpful tips every customer should do before going to eat out. First, check inspection scores and look for certificates that show kitchen managers have completed food safety training. Second, look for safe food-handling practices.

A big part of staying safe is having your eyes open on things around you when you enter the restaurant. If something feels shady, or if you see a potentially hazardous situation, it may be best to skip the place altogether.

#5 Buffet At Charles De Gaulle Airport. Paris, France

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#6 1 Chicken Over Rice Please

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#7 Millennials Aren’t Killing Restaurants Like Applebee’s And TGI Friday’s. Food Like This Is

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#8 Local Chinese Restaurant Gets A New Cutting Board

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#9 Restaurant Bans Masks, Gloves And Social Distancing Because “Freedom”

Image credits: DougJohnsonFX40

The CDC also suggests ordering food that’s properly cooked in order to avoid food poisoning. “Certain foods, including meat, poultry, and fish, need to be cooked to a temperature high enough to kill harmful germs that may be present. If a restaurant serves you undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, or eggs, send them back to be cooked until they are safe to eat.”

#10 How A Restaurant Thaw Their Chicken

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#11 An Extra Charge

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#12 Local Restaurant Where I’m From. Who Needs Food Safety Right?

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#13 At This Fast Food Place In Town

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#14 Employee Spits In Food For Instagram Likes

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Another great tip is avoiding lukewarm food, because essentially, cold food has to be served cold and hot food has to be served hot. “Germs that cause food poisoning grow quickly when food is in the danger zone, between 40°F and 140°F,” the CDC states.

#15 Signs Of A Bad Restaurant

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#16 Driving Past

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#17 I Found This In My Drink At A Restaurant

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#18 Subway Employee Picking Her Feet Behind The Counter. How Fresh

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#19 Wtf….a Bolt Was Found In A Bowl Of Chilli. Fairfax Frisch’s

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Also, don’t underestimate the knowledge and power of the server. If you feel unsure about an ingredient or the whole meal, let them know and look for a solution.

The CDC recommends asking a server if they use pasteurized eggs if you opt to eat one of the following: Caesar salad dressing, custards, tiramisu, or hollandaise sauce. Remember that raw and undercooked eggs can make us seriously ill unless they have been pasteurized to kill the germs.

After all, health and safety kitchen rules are common sense, but it’s up to the restaurant managers and owners to make sure everyone sticks to them.

#20 The Restaurant Where The Workers Stand On The Counter (Near The Food Prep Station) Without Shoes On

#21 Local Restaurant Pouring Garbage Into The Sewers

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#22 What’s Wrong With People

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#23 Glad We Ate Before They Started Cleaning On Top Of The Food

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#24 Local Taco Smell

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During the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants around the world have been in between being closed and opened. For those who’re worrying that COVID-19 may be transmitted from food, the CDC states that “currently, there is no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 is spread by handling or eating food.”

However, it makes sense to follow stringent health and safety practices and limit any chance to your business and employees be exposed to coronavirus as much as possible.

#25 I Think I’ll Pass On The Refill…

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#26 Literally Affecting My Decision This Evening

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#27 And Just Like That, I Won’t Be Eating At This Chinese Restaurant Again

Image credits: ucmchris

#28 In A Restaurant That Sells Ice Cream

Image credits: douchabag_dan

#29 In The Men’s Room At My Corporate Place Of Employment

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#30 A Restaurant In My Town. I Think This Fits Here

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#31 Stay Trashy Burger King

Image credits: 2 years ago

#32 A Handful Of Jam Served On A Plate At An Upscale Restaurant

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#33 Your Crapplebees Cook

Image credits: 4 years ago

#34 Ordered Steak And Mac And Cheese At A Riverside Restaurant For $30. They Brought Out Kraft Mac And Cheese

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#35 The Customers In This Restaurant Are Savages

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#36 Keepin It Classy In West Virginia

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#37 Signs Of A Bad Restaurant

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#38 This BBQ Restaurant Serves Their House Sauce In A Shaker And It’s Awful

Image credits: quality-control

#39 The Salad This Restaurant Gave Me

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#40 When You Go On A Rare Date With Your Husband To A Well Known Restaurant In Downtown Fullerton And He Gets The Soup Of The Day. Potato With Something Extra. Guess They Ran Out Of Cream

Image credits: butlergraphics

#41 The Restaurant I Work In Won’t Allow Employees To Eat Inside Since Covid Started, Today They Set Up A Break Table For Us By The Dumpster

Image credits: Red69black22

#42 These Doorway Curtains At A Sushi Restaurant

Image credits: mvartan

#43 Receipt At An Already Overpriced Restaurant. When I Asked The Waiter He Just Shrugged And Said “Oh Yeah, We Need To Fix That”

Image credits: HooksaN

#44 This Soap Dispensing Ketchup Bottle I Encountered At A Restaurant

Image credits: H8ry2vxj

#45 The Bathroom In A Restaurant My Fiancé And I Ate At

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#46 I Think I Found The Secret Ingredient To Those Chicken Sandwiches

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#47 Paid $16 For This Caesar “Salad” At A Concept Restaurant Last Night

Image credits: brodakmoment

#48 Restaurants That Serve Cold Butter, Causing The Bread To Break When You Spread It

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