“Karen” Attacks Guy At A Supermarket Thinking He’s An Employee, He Delivers Sincere Answers

Ever been mistaken for an employee? If you have, it’s fine, everyone has. If you haven’t, it’s okay—nobody likes to accept it. But there’s a safe space to talk about hard things and it’s a subreddit called r/IDontWorkHereLady. It turns out, people assuming you’re a staff member is a thing.

One serial “do you work here?” recipient is a redditor who goes by u/Wiggle_it_loose. But the dude doesn’t sugarcoat it. He thinks it’s because of his “‘retail’ face” that he’s approached so often.

This time, a super rude woman at the supermarket forced this guy to take on a plan B. When the lady, titled a “Douchebagette” for obvious reasons, bombarded u/Wiggle_it_loose with commands to get her eyelash curlers, he picked a lethal weapon. Hint: cold, hard honesty.

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The redditor shared this encounter with a rude lady who mistook him for a staff member

Image credits: Wiggle_it_loose

And people found it hilarious



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