People Are Invited To ‘Poorly Explain What They Do For A Living’, And 30 Totally Deliver

There’s one question that trips us up. “What do you do for living” over a dinner table with some people we barely know either puts us on the defensive, or we paint it in the brightest colors possible only to realize it’s a lie. Describing something so obvious turns out to be out of our comfort zone, so what if we change the game rules?

“Poorly explain what you do for a living,” wrote Jeremy Padawer on Twitter, and guess what? People were more than happy to deliver some absurdly funny truth bombs. Like, watching tiny humans exit larger humans or taking used clothes from big people and making them right for smaller people. If it doesn’t make sense, read it again and wait for the “aaah!”

Below, we compiled some of the best responses from the thread to show that you don’t be so serious to reply to that tricky question.

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Bored Panda reached out to the Twitter user who goes by Bitter Proffit from Nashville, Tennessee and works as a high school teacher.

When asked to poorly explain what he does for a living, @bitterproffit answered “I silently judge 18-year-olds for 5 hours a day, then I review their work and judge them again, but this time on a graded scale. I then make lists of my judgements of them. Plus, I get to discuss economics and US government all day.”

The response got 2.4k likes with many people guessing what his profession was. The teacher told us that part of his response was an inside joke with his students, “specifically former students who follow me on Twitter, about judging their work. They caught the reference.”


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When asked why so many people find the question irritating, @bitterproffit said that he, on the contrary, finds it an interesting conversation starter. “Although I’ve had jobs that were harder to explain than my current one,” he added.“

The best part of my job is the relationships I develop with my students. Senior year in high school is such a pivotal year in their lives and I feel privileged that they allow me to share and be a part of their experiences in their successes and their setbacks,” the teacher said.

He also concluded that being a high school teacher is simply “the best job on the planet for me,” and we couldn’t be happier to see the man happy in his shoes!


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