People Are Sharing Their Cleaning Fails Online And It Might Brighten Up Your Mood

Nobody said that household chores are easy. Imagine how many couples break up over dirty dishes. Think of how many full-blown rants families go through just because the trash was full and no one could be bothered to take it out.

Robot vacuums, Roombas, robot mops, and robovacs were invented to make our lives easier. And they did! The first robot vacuum was the brainchild of the inventor James Dizon, but only in 2014 did tech-savvy vacuuming become a thing. Now, the chances are your mom has one, or you just added one to the basket. But not everything is that easy when it comes to putting one of the most hated household chores in the hands (?) of a robot that resembles a UFO.

So, this time, Bored Panda compiled a list of painfully funny cleaning failures that prove a couple of things: a. We all make mistakes; b. Don’t do it unless you know what you’re doing; and c. Beware of that freakin’ robot vacuum. And take the third one seriously, everyone.

#1 A Volunteer At Our Local Cat Rescue Turned On The Vacuum

Image credits: Ski_ND

#2 Came Into The Kitchen To Find That My Dog Trapped The Dead Roomba With His Toys

Image credits: spritzofperfume

#3 Roomba Suicide In My House Last Night. It Somehow Wrapped Up Its Sensors In Toilet Paper And Headed Off The Edge

Image credits: Envoy_to_the_Stars

Back in time, robot vacuums seemed like a futuristic luxury not for everyone. But today, everything has changed and these tech-savvy “flying saucers” make up 20% of the global vacuum market. The Roomba remains the most popular choice, making up 70% of the total robot vacuum market, with over 14 million units sold to date. Remember that this cleaning product comes at a minimum of $300, so their popularity is nevertheless surprising.

#4 I Found This While Vacuuming Under Our Bed

Image credits: Domestica

#5 Received A Notification From My iRobot App. “Roomba Requires Your Attention. Roomba Is Stuck Near A Cliff”

Image credits: BubbaYoshi117

#6 So Your Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Work

Image credits: ireadforthearticle

The iRobot CEO and co-founder Colin Angle told TechCrunch in an interview that the high sales of Roomba cleaners prove it’s “a steady business for a consumer product that starts at a price point that tends to be a bit higher than your average human-powered home cleaning hardware.” Meanwhile, Angle envisions home robots gaining more importance as homes get smarter.

But some critics claim that robot vacuums will never replace traditional cleaning tools because… well, they don’t do their job that well. According to NY Times, even the best robot vacuums barely touch the fine dust that settles into rugs.

“After six months of regular cleaning with the top-of-the-line Roomba, all of this debris still managed to pile up in a single 6-by-9-foot area rug.” The mess was cleaned in only 15 minutes by a human-powered vacuum.

#7 Local Doggie Daycare Learned A Valuable Lesson About Leaving A Roomba In The Reception Area

Image credits: jacksonkeirmclean

#8 This Is What Happens When Your Wife Leaves The Door Open To The Pool Area. Your Expensive Robot Vacuum Decides It Wants To Meet The Pool Vacuum… Goddammit

Image credits: pianoman1969

#9 The Roomba Didn’t Come Home Last Night After Its Scheduled Cleaning And Is Nowhere To Be Found

Image credits: Bishopwsu

Another con in the robovac department is that our modern homes filled with obstacles are not compatible with robots that easily get stuck in household clutter. Think of all the piles of laundry, small little items scattered around the house, charging cables, and all the other traps. These are a no-go for a robot vacuum and unless you keep your home clutter-free, it will be a hassle.

And lastly, in all fairness, not all robot vacuums look like they really know what they’re doing. Do an experiment: sit down, relax, and watch your bud moving around. You’ll see it bumping into obstacles, cleaning the same area for half an hour, and basically looking dumb and without a vision. The best way to avoid this is to stop watching and let it be.

#10 Roomba, The Nope Of Dog World

Image credits: Makattic

#11 Today I Got Home To A Vacuum Robot With Artistic Pretensions

Image credits: soundjack

#12 Not Only Did It Steal The Bloody Shower Towel It Tried To Hide Under The Vanity Thing. I Suppose It Wanted To Snack In Private

Image credits: Sidragon1

#13 Apparently My Dog Thought The Roomba Was An Assailant

Image credits: Apolymoxic

#14 Just Found Out I Bought Vacuum Which Doesn’t Have Any Vacuum Capabilities, It Just Rolls Around The Floor

Image credits: jackux1257

#15 Cat + Paint Can + Roomba

Image credits: Pliny_the_middle

#16 This Vacuum At Work Hadn’t Been Cleaned In A While

Image credits: ElBurritoNinja

#17 I’m Afraid, Our Vacuum Will Quit Soon. It Seems He Had An Interview

Image credits: PhoenixK

#18 My Parents Tested Using Robo-Vac To Clean The Unfinished Basement And Apparently Left The Walk-Out Door Open

Image credits: FliesLikeABrick

#19 Found Out Why The Roomba Quit Working

Image credits: mrmcgeek

#20 Came Home From Dinner And Found My Vacuum Hanging On For Life

Image credits: klippers

#21 Started Cracking Up When I Discovered SNL’s Mr. Bill Stuck Like This In The Roomba. Poor Guy

Image credits: goobqueen

#22 Just My Neighbor Vacuuming His Grass

Image credits: mideonequalsratings

#23 Mother Knew I Wanted A Roomba But Didn’t Want To Waste That Much Money On One. So She Found One For A Bargain. Note, It Has Zero Vacuuming Ability

Image credits: edgeofruin

#24 Our Roomba Had A Run-In With Naked Barbie. Naked Barbie Lost

Image credits: zbibbo

#25 My Brand New Roomba Ran Over My Puppy’s Poop And Proceeded To “Clean” The Rest Of My Home

Image credits: screamicide

#26 Apparently My Husband Hasn’t Learned How To Hide His Charger Cords From “Eva” The Vacuum

She sent me a message while I was at work to tell me she was having a bad day and requires assistance.

Image credits: g0087

#27 Apparently I Found A Loose Thread While Vacuuming

Image credits: BTYM

#28 Forgot My Headphones On The Ground While The Roomba Was Running

Image credits: Shiby92

#29 Bumped The Empty Button After Finishing Vacuuming

Image credits: VicVinegar23

#30 This Is Carl. He Likes To Squeeze Into Impossible Spots And Then Sleep. This Is His Favorite Spot, Takes 2+ People To Get Him Out

Image credits: fromalisonwithlove

#31 Go Home, Roomba! You’re Drunk

Image credits: hi.imfancynancy

#32 Oh Yeah… A Cliff

Image credits: ferbass

#33 My Robot Vacuum Ate A Piece Of Chalk

Image credits: Hamperstand

#34 My Girlfriend Was Wondering Why Her Vacuum Was Not Working Anymore

Image credits: johnfaber

#35 I Hear Screaming Coming From The Living Room, Only To Find My 5-Year-Old Daughter On The Floor With Her Hair All Sucked Up & Tangled In Our iLife Robot Vacuum

I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time I tried to free her.

Image credits: tabithadudley

#36 This Is What I Woke Up To

Image credits: TriestGieter

#37 Never Vacuum Your Keyboard

Image credits: Brownerbae

#38 Roomba Tried To Make A Break For It Today

Image credits: Shocknawe-21

#39 When The Robo Vacuum Ruins Its Perfect Track Lines Retuning To Base

Image credits: matthewbronk

#40 Roomba Has Gone Rogue

Image credits: live-love-explore

#41 My Buddie’s Girlfriend Has A Husky And Hasn’t Vacuumed For A Few Months This Came Out Of Said Vacuum After

Image credits: 1eyedwunderweasel

#42 It Made It Less Than A Meter From The Charger Before Asking To Be Charged Again

Image credits: Klikini

#43 Wife And Teen Daughters Said Vacuum Wasn’t Working, Checked Roller Brush

Image credits: imnotmarvin

#44 Why You Shouldn’t Agree To Dogsit When You Have A Robot Vacuum

Image credits: Zammonster

#45 Just Vacuuming The Street In Front Of The 5-Star Hotel

Image credits: Rx-Ende



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