People On This Group Are Sharing Screenshots Of Really Cringy Texts, And Here Are 31 Of The Best Ones

There’s something about asterisks in a text message that causes a very high probability of annoying the person who receives it—partly because putting this seemingly innocent typographical symbol * is about being extra. Like, telling what’s in the back of your mind without uttering it, revealing your inner emotions that nobody really wants to know, and worst, *nodding the head* to creep the heck out of the recipient. Yep, some asterisks are seriously chilling.

The Reddit community r/CreepyAsterisks2 has been documenting the most absurd, cringey, and plain scary asterisks screenshotted in text messages.

From *sigh*-inducing pickup lines to plain bizarre cases of expressing one’s motion in text, like *leaning closer,* this subreddit is the uncharted terrain of the kind of messaging style that doesn’t work that well for communicating. So let’s see some of the most cringe-inducing examples that will make you curl up like Arby’s curly fries.

#1 He’s Been Begging For Weeks To Do A “Sexy Roleplay” With Me. I Finally Said Yes. I Think He Regrets Everything Now

Image credits: heOwlAndTheFinch

#2 S T O P

Image credits: eggofreddo

#3 At Least He’s Achieved Multiple Awards With His 147 Iq

Image credits: requiemsword

These days, everything we do is via texts. We fall in love, we break up, we check on a friend, we send birthday wishes, we talk to mom and dad. Picking up the phone feels so last season, but this study says that too much texting can be harmful to our relationships.

The research conducted by Brigham Young University suggested that committed couples who use text messages to figure out their arguments can become disconnected. This is because text arguing lowers relationship quality, which essentially needs genuine face-to-face communication. 

At the same time, texting is now a quintessential part of any dating game. We know that millennials are not that much into going on dates, but texting back and forth is a whole different thing. And thanks to the worldwide pandemic, it’s not going anywhere soon. 

#4 *sweats A Lot*

Image credits: VortexThing

#5 *lays Across Your Lap*

Image credits:

#6 Now Listen Here Missy

Image credits:

So is there a way to actually have a meaningful text conversation with someone you’re into? It turns out, this is super difficult. Because according to experts, virtual dating is not the same as real dating, and texting shouldn’t be confused with being in a relationship. 

Modern dating coach Sami Wunder warns us to beware of the texting trap. Sami, who teaches women rational dating, says that going all into the first man who shows interest is the worst way to go. “You don’t want to text with men too much because the more you text, the more virtual it gets.”

#7 What A Birch

Image credits: elcatundo

#8 Found This Screenshot From Last April In My Phone

Image credits: Pixel871

#9 A Classic

Image credits: reddit

According to Sami, “The more available you become in their heads, the less likely they are to ask you out for an actual meeting. Because honestly, there are men out there who just want a beautiful penpal.”

Penpalling may sound like a good idea for some, but if you’re looking for true and meaningful relationships, you may opt for a real date. But as long as most of us are all in quarantine, a video call may as well do the job.

#10 Oh God, Why

Image credits: je_suis_un_negre

#11 You Know, A Usual Hooking Up Tactic

Image credits: LRFE

#12 Unlike You I Know How Facebook Works

Image credits:

#13 Chubby Chubby Chubby

Image credits: GuitarFreak293

#14 I’ll Just Decide Your Personality For You

Image credits:

#15 Inner Monologue As Tinder Opener

Image credits:

#16 I Guess The Expected Reaction Was Supposed To Be: “Omg No Sry R U Ok Cutie? ;^;”

Image credits: Zillak

#17 *Sweats On You*

Image credits:

#18 This Was A Classic

Image credits:

#19 Mmh Yuss :3

Image credits: wowsotrendy

#20 Y… You Like Anime?

Image credits: Teri717

#21 *looks At Scribble Writting On Hand*

Image credits: requiemsword

#22 *shoots Self*

Image credits: io7hazcookiez

#23 M’lady

Image credits:

#24 Le Gentleman

Image credits:

#25 Not Trying To Get You Drunk!

Image credits:

#26 I’m Just Gonna Randomly Text This Person!

Image credits:

#27 Just Some Accidental Chest Touching, No Need To Be Alarmed

Image credits: reddit

#28 Why

Image credits: hatt730

#29 But He Nuzzled Her!

Image credits:

#30 Fancy Face…

Image credits: Laniusx8

#31 “Nice To Meet You”

Image credits: ShihTzu1



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