Redditor Asks People To Imagine They Have 5 Minutes To Hide A Paperclip In Their Home From A Detective Who Has 24 Hours To Find It, And The Answers Are Brilliant (30 Replies)

Fan of detective TV shows and movies? One of your nighttime hobbies includes binge-watching true crime shows on Netflix? Well, now is a perfect time to prove it!

Imagine you’re given five minutes to hide a paperclip in your home from a detective who has 24 hours to find it. If they don’t, you get $10,000. The question is, where are you going to hide the paperclip?

Such a puzzle was posted by one Reddit user in one of the most popular subreddits of all time—r/AskReddit. With almost 80k people liking the now-viral thread, it was only obvious we’d find some amusing, hilarious, and smart replies there. Ranging from laugh-out-loud funny to alarming (you’ll find some suspiciously genius answers below), these 30 replies will surely be entertaining to read. After you’re done reading the list, think up a strategy of where you’d hide a paperclip in your home and share your answer with all of us in the comment section down below!

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I’m gonna pass. Something tells me this detective is gonna do more than 10,000 worth of damage to my house looking for it. So unless he has a warrant I’m gonna say no.

Image credits: Blatheringman


Somewhere safe where ill find it later. Just like everything else I can’t find.

Image credits: craic-house


In a septic tank. If they find it, they deserve to keep that $10,000.

Image credits: terpdeterp


Burying it with the last detectives who tried.

Image credits: GreyJedi56


inside the rubbing alcohol bottle. that way the paperclip sniffing dogs can’t find it.

Image credits: Bubacxo


I’d un bend it. Then force it down the tube of a near empty pen.

Image credits: 8urfiat


Just hide a bunch of paperclips, when he finds one he’ll stop searching

Image credits: Dikketapir63


Force it down the corrugation of one of the Amazon boxes I’ve yet to take out to recycling.

Image credits: John__Weaver


I’d put it in my mask to form the nose bridge.

Image credits: Greenfireflygirl


Give it my toddler…never to be seen again

Image credits: lemon_depression


I’d glue it to the bottom of my shoe. I’d literally be standing there watching him look around my house, and trying not to look down.

Image credits: fishasaurous


Between the radiator fins of the split-type air conditioner. It’s easy to insert, yet the position is not very accessible and would need to disassemble that aircon just to get a glimpse of it.

Image credits: UpvotesKitties


in the spine of a book (i have a room of ceiling to floor shelves)

Image credits: rosereprise


In the attic insulation

Image credits: Stingwing4oba


Push it through a drywall wall between studs and it should fall to the blocking at 4′ increments off the ground code requires. If you can, put a nail into the hole and hang a painting or w/e to hide the small hole, or some Spackle. Later, use a magnet to attract it through the drywall and draw it back up to a hole or other opening in the wall. Even if the detective saw the hole, the paperclip isn’t there, that’s just the retrieval and drop point. It’d basically be impossible to find without ripping all the walls out. I doubt they could detect it, even using a metal detector because of all the background ferrous metal in nails, nail stops, Simpson clips, wiring, etc. that the detector would pick up everywhere else.

Image credits: Numinae


In an electrical socket.

Image credits: Azuenz


I would go into the roof and slide it in between two tiles in a random spot.


In the junk drawer. Good luck finding anything you’re looking for.

Image credits: SingleFunction1


I’d tape it on the inside of one of the fabric labels on my winter coat, which is currently in a suitcase in my closet with the rest of my winter stuff

Image credits: Phaesporic


1. Push it into a fresh turd in the kitty litter.

2. Straighten it out and insert it into one of those pin and string pictures

3. Shape it like a large staple and then use that to staple together some papers.


Firstly I’d straighten it out so it doesn’t immediately look like a paperclip. That might help both if it’s spotted and in finding a place for it. I would then push it into the gathered fabric at the top of my living room curtains, where it would be absolutely impossible to distinguish from the curtain hooks.


Burn one of the many Yankee candles in the apartment until the wax melts, drop it in, let the wax solidify over it.


Behind the plate that’s screwed into the wall for my carbon monoxide detector

Straighten it out and glue it to the inside of a reusable straw

Bra underwire

Dryer lint trap


In the attic, stuffed between insulation. I doubt he/she will want to risk fiber glass splinters looking for it.


I’ll just temporarily make someone else the owner of my house and when I’m homeless I’ll just chuck it in the woods somewhere.


Inside the mattress or natures pocket


Between two slices of bread in the freezer.


One extra ring in a spiral notebook.


With the rest of the paperclips. He’ll never know which one is the right one!


Push it through a hole in the silicone lining of my tub. Then reseal it.



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