Teddi Mellencamp Confirms She Got FIRED From RHOBH – And Hints At The Reason In Sassy Video!

Another one (officially) bites the dust.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp confirmed on Tuesday that she is in fact leaving the show, after rumors hinted at a possible exit. The (former) reality TV star took to social media to share the news with fans and say goodbye.

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In her Instagram caption, she wrote:

“You heard it here last Yes, it’s true, I am not coming back to #RHOBH. Thank you to @bravotv, @evolutionusa, @bravoandy and all of the amazing women for the support (and the shade) for the past three years. Back to the shadows I go

Innerestingly, she admitted upfront that it was not mutual — her contract wasn’t renewed, aka she was FIRED.

She also made a very deliberate reference to the rumors she was let go for being “boring and stale.” In her video, she began:

“I don’t want to bore you but I figured I got to give you a little update on what’s going on.

That was her emphasis on the word “bore” btw! She went on:

“I recently found out that my contract as a Housewife is not being renewed. Of course, I could give you the standard response of ‘Oh, we both came to the decision that it would be best…’ Nah, I’m not gonna do that. That’s not who I am. Of course, when I got the news I was sad. It feels like a breakup almost because you develop such strong relationships with the cast, with the crew, and you get to do incredible things that you probably never get to experience without, you know, the show.”

See the truth-telling post for yourself (below):

She continued:

“That being said, I’m really looking forward to the future and being able to focus on my family, my friends, All In. I really feel like I have some exciting things ahead and, you know what, I’m pretty busy with this little nug. So thanks for coming along on this journey with me and I’ll see you soon.”

So we now know the 39-year-old was fired, but it’s unclear why exactly she was let go. Was that “boring” shade a reference to the rumor, or was it actually the reason Bravo gave for not renewing her contract?

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Certainly some of her castmates were on the record thinking it — see 3:00, (below):


Further, we don’t know what role, if any, the scandal surrounding her accountability program All In by Teddi played in the dismissal. Teddi recently had to do some serious damage control, defending her business against accusations of a “scam” and allegations that the program is dangerous and unhealthy. On the one hand, the scandal actually makes for more interesting drama than anything else she was doing on the show; on the other, it’s a pretty bad look for the entrepreneur, and her defensive denials weren’t altogether convincing.

Perhaps we’ll learn more in the future — Teddi seems down to spill a little tea. Regardless, we bid adieu to another Housewife and wish her the best of luck in all future endeavors!

[Image via Bravo/YouTube]